Public Works building

Public Works building - 1137 W. Houser Rd.

  1. Sanitation Division

    The Sanitation Division handles the administration of residential trash services contracted with Right Away Disposal, picks up uncontained bulk trash per a set schedule, and all landfill operations.

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  2. Water Division

    The Water Division is responsible for maintaining all boosters, wells and water lines and to provide safe, quality water to Eloy residents.

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  3. Sewer / Wastewater Division

    The Sewer / Wastewater Division is responsible for all maintenance and improvements to the sanitary sewer systems and water reclamation system of Eloy.

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  4. Streets Division

    The Streets Division is responsible for all streets repair and maintenance, as well as sidewalks, drainage, signs and control of vegetation on City property.

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  5. GIS Mapping

    Geographic Information System (GIS) can simply be described as a means to combine layers of information about a particular location to give you a better understanding of that location.

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  6. Facility Maintenance

    The Facility Maintenance Division is responsible for the cleanliness and up-keep of the City offices and buildings. Consistent care supports the sustainability of our facilities and provides a safe environment for the pubic.

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  7. Vehicle Maintenance

    The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible to ensure City vehicles and equipment are safe, dependable and well maintained through daily inspections, scheduled preventative maintenance and cost-effective repairs.

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