Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division coordinates both long-range and current planning activities within the city.

Long-Range Activities

Long-range activities include administering, updating, and implementing the City of Eloy General Plan, and participating in other land use, transportation, and economic development planning related studies.

Current Planning Activities

Current planning activities include the administration, review and approval of all rezoning, conditional use permits, preliminary and final plat applications. The City charges a fee for these services. City staff also administers / augments / updates the city’s zoning districts, zoning code, zoning map and subdivision ordinance. This division also provides staff support to the Board of AdjustmentPlanning and Zoning Commission, Downtown Advisory Commission, and City Council for their recommendations and decisions.


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Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations Update (2017-2018)

The update of the City’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance Regulations is now under way. It will include the comprehensive review of Chapters 21 and 15 of the City Code. In conjunction with the technical analysis and the editing of and augmenting of the text, tables and illustrations, community input will also be actively sought. The process includes a substantive public participation program to make sure that the community, property owners, and business owners are aware this update is taking place, can learn about it, and provide input, if  they so desire. 

City Staff from the Community Development Department will serve as the City Advisory Committee. City Staff and the Consultant (Michael Baker International) will be working closely with the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission to review project progress and drafts of each of the Code’s Articles. Stakeholders (i.e. property owners, interested residents, business owners, etc.) will be updated on project progress, draft products and provided opportunities to solicit input. Opportunities will also be provided to the community at large through the conduct of a community meeting and monthly information updates provided on the City’s website and Facebook pages. If you would like to be added to the City’s email list to receive updates on the project as it progresses, please contact Belinda Cota at 520.466.2578.

The update of the Ordinance and Regulations pertain to the entire 113 square mile area within the jurisdiction of the City of Eloy. If you are unsure if your property is located in the City, please click on this link. (to map of city-in orange). The project started on April 3, 2017 and is expected to be complete and considered by City Council by February 2018.

Work Session #1/Project Introduction/April 19, 2017

The information reviewed at the this work session includes:

Work Session #2/Annotate Outline/June 21, 2017

The information reviewed at this work session includes:

Work Session #3/Module #1 Review/August 16, 2017

Work Session #4/Module#2 Review/September 20, 2017

Work Session #5/Module #3 Review/October 11, 2017

Work Session #6/Module #4 Review November 15, 2017
No meeting-Meeting has been cancelled.

Work Session #6/Module #4 Review/December 14th, 2017

Work Session#7/Module#5 Review/January 17th, 2018

Work Session#8/Module #6 Review/February 17th, 2018

Work Session #9/Recommendation for Adoption Hearing/March 18th, 2018 (Tentative)

City Council Adoption/ April 28th, 2018 (Tentative)