Community Development

Mission Statement

The Eloy Community Development Department provides design guidance, reviews zoning and subdivision applications, and shapes public policy related to growth and development. We are committed to proactive, community-based planning founded on public participation, and to the building of livable, sustainable communities.  

The Eloy Community Development Department assists citizens, property owners, and appointed and elected officials with land development functions to grow, manage and sustain our city.

Our staff is committed to providing a high level of service to our clients, protecting our community assets, and guiding the creation of a prosperous city.


The Community Development Department is comprised of 5 divisions:

Development Fees

 The City of Eloy, like many cities and towns across the State, assess development fees to offset infrastructure costs for necessary public services.   These development fees must be based on Land Use Assumptions and an Infrastructure Improvements Plan. The City of Eloy has initiated an update of its Land Use Assumptions (LUA), Infrastructure Improvements Plan (IIP), and development fees. This update of the City’s Infrastructure Improvements Plan and associated update to its development fees includes the following necessary public services:

• Parks and Recreational Facilities

• Police Facilities

• Street Facilities

Development fees are one-time payments used to construct system improvements needed to accommodate new development. The fee represents future development’s proportionate share of infrastructure costs. Development fees may be used for infrastructure improvements or debt service for growth related infrastructure. In contrast to general taxes, development fees may not be used for operations, maintenance, replacement, or correcting existing deficiencies.

The attached document contains the initial draft of Eloy’s development fees.  These fees may change as they go through the City Council approval process. 

The City Council will hold a work session on November 4, where there will be discussion between the Council and City Staff only. The City Council will hold a public hearing for the LUA and IIP on November 25 where all will be invited to comment.  Both meetings will be held at 6 pm in Eloy City Hall, 595 North C Street.   

City Surplus Properties Still for Sale

On June 15, 2018, the City of Eloy conducted an auction for 12 lots of properties. A total of five lots were sold that day, but the remaining lots remain available for purchase. Click here for more information on each of these lots. If you have additional questions, please contact Jon Vlaming or Belinda Lopez at 520.466.2578.

The City cannot accept any price less than the established bid price as shown in the packet (see the link above).

  1. Community Development

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    Phone: 520-466-2578

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  2. Jon Vlaming

    Jon Vlaming

    Community Development Director
    Phone: 520-466-2578