Eloy General Plan

The City of Eloy General Plan provides a long-term aspirational vision for Eloy’s development, guiding the city’s citizens, businesses, and officials. The General Plan was developed in consideration of the City’s unique history and geography, its vision for the future, and in conformance with State Law. The General Plan will guide Eloy as it grows and changes, fostering a well planned City. The Eloy General Plan was readopted by the City Council on May 11, 2020 through the adoption of Resolution No.: 20-1472, keeping it compliant with Arizona Revised Statutes for the next 10 years.

General Plan Components

2022 Major General Plan Amendment Submissions

The City received a total of two submissions for review and consideration. These include the following and are now posted for the state mandated 60-day review (as of July 28, 2022) on this website and at the Eloy Santa Cruz Library (1000 N. Main Street):

Name                        Submitter                    Location                                                                                  Size (Acres)

Picacho Heights
GPA 2022-029          City of Eloy                East of Vail Road, west of the CAP Canal                                 36,000
                                                                     between the Santa Rosa Canal and Pretzer Road                                    

Arica & Sunshine    Barnes Family           Southwest corner of Arica Road and Sunshine Boulevard          663
GPA 2022-025 


Please submit any comments on these submissions to: Belinda Cota at bcota@eloyaz.gov on or before 5 pm on September 26, 2022. The schedule to review and consider these amendments can be accessed here.