City Attorney

Role of the Office

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council to serve as the chief legal advisor to the council, the City Manager, and all city departments, offices, and agencies. The City Attorney’s Office represents the city in all legal proceedings.

Mission Statement

The City Attorney’s Office is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation possible to meet the present and future needs of the City of Eloy in an efficient and effective manner. The office maintains an open door policy to encourage continuous communication between city departments and their legal representatives.

Cooper & Rueter, L.L.P.

  1. City Attorney

    Physical Address
    221 N. Florence St.
    P.O. Box 15005
    Casa Grande, AZ 85130


    Phone: 520-836-8265
    Fax: 520-421-0916

  2. Stephen R. Cooper

    City Attorney

  3. Elizabeth Rueter

    City Attorney