Revitalizing & Promoting Downtown

To keep downtown attractive to investors, shoppers, tourists, diners, patrons of the arts, and residents, Downtown Eloy works with local government and private interests to make physical and institutional improvements in the downtown environment.

Physical & Institutional Improvements

These encompassed physical and institutional improvements include:

  • Preserving Eloy's downtown historic character
  • Revitalizing significant old buildings
  • Beautifying streets, buildings, and the area
  • Updating public utilities
  • Providing adequate parking
  • Ensuring public safety
  • Defending the quality of life downtown

Eloy's Unique Attractions & Importance to the Region's Economy

To ensure that the region's residents, as well as tourists, visitors, and potential investors, are aware of Downtown Eloy's unique attractions and importance to the region's economy, Eloy Downtown uses a wide range of communication to promote downtown. Through news media contacts, press releases, a newsletter, our website, and other means, Eloy Downtown encourages visitation, tourism, and investment.

Eloy Downtown also cooperates with tourism, economic development, and cultural organizations, and promotes the downtown area around Arizona and the nation as an attractive visitor destination and business location.