There are currently no Hangars/T-Hangars available at the Eloy Municipal Airport.

To get on a waiting list please visit here. There will be a $20.00 fee to get added to the list. 

Mission Statement

The Eloy Municipal Airport provides a safe and compatible facility supporting aviation operations and activities for the benefit of all users and the community.

Arizona Sunset

  1. RUNWAY 2
  2. RUNWAY 20
  3. Basic Statistics
  4. Aerial View Photos
  • Latitude: 32-48.148667 N
  • Longitude: 111-35.449167 W
  • Elevation: 1513.0 feet.
  • Gradient: 0.02%
  • Traffic Pattern: Left
  • Markings: Basic, in good condition
  • Visual slope indicator: n/a
  • Runway end identifier lights: Yes
  • Obstructions: None

For information on fuel at the Eloy Municipal Airport, please call 520-466-4721 or 520-466-3753.

Airport to Undergo Master Plan Update Process

Municipal Airport Monument Sign

The City is now initiating the process to update its Master Plan for the Eloy Municipal Airport. Located approximately three miles northwest of the Downtown, the Airport has been serving the City and surrounding area for nearly 35 years. The last update to our Airport Master Plan occurred in 2013, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends that this document should be updated every seven to 10 years to address existing operations and future anticipated growth. This planning process is expected to be complete by the end of 2024. 

The City of Eloy has received significant funding from both the FAA and Arizona Department of Transportation – Aeronautics Group (ADOT) to update and adopt the airport master plan at this time. The master plan is intended to provide a future vision as to how it is improved and developed, appropriate staging of future improvements and their justification for federal, state, and City funding through its airport capital improvement program (ACIP).

The updated airport master plan utilizes a comprehensive technical approach (outlined by the FAA) with supportive community education and awareness to identify and support future airport needs in advance of facility, operational or market demand. In fact, a website has been developed and launched that will contain all of the information associated with this project. It can be accessed by clicking the following link: Eloy Municipal Airport Master Plan.

The preparation of this master plan update underscores the Airport’s key role, economic value and community asset it serves for the residents, businesses and visitors to the City of Eloy. The continued investment and maintenance also yields impressive direct and indirect benefits. A recent market study demonstrated a total economic benefit of $26 million and employment of nearly 250 jobs generated by our Airport.  An updated, sound master plan, as well as realistic improvement projects, allows our airport to maintain its role as an important link within regional, state, national, and global air transportation systems.

For more information about this update, please contact Jon Vlaming at 602-803-3412 or Matt Quick, Project Manager/Coffman Associates at 602-993-6999.