Eloy Police Department Lobby Hours:

  • Monday thru Friday
    •  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Closed on Saturday & Sunday

Any questions please call (520) 464-3463.

Records Requests

Citizens wishing to obtain a copy of a police report may request one in person, by fax, and/or by mail. 

Requests may be dropped off or mailed to the Eloy Police Department Records Division at 630 N. Main St. Eloy, AZ 85131. Requests can also be faxed to 520-466-3159 or emailed to Yvette Rodriguez

For requests via mail; We do not accept cash. Please make checks payable to: Eloy Police Department.  For all other requests, payments will be made at the City of Eloy Finance Department where all forms of payment are accepted.  Complete a request form in person or online Records Request Form.  

It is easier if you have some or all of the following details:

  • Report Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location of the incident
  • Name(s) of the person(s) involved

Requests for copies may take 7 to 10 business days or more to process, depending on the nature of the incident and if the case is still under investigation.

Victims of a criminal offense may receive one free copy of a report in which they are listed as the victim (this does not include video/audio tapes or photos).


For others, the copy fee for police reports is $10.00 for the first 25 pages, and $1.00 per page thereafter. Other fees are as follows:

  • Collision / Accident Reports: $10
  • Digital photos: $10 per sheet
  • 911 Recordings: $10 per CD
  • Audio / Video interviews: $10 per CD
  • Body Worn Camera - USB Flash Drive: $10.00
  • Dash camera videos: $10 per USB flash drive

Eloy Adult Arrest Record Search

An Eloy Adult Arrest Record Search (EAARS) request is a search of the Eloy Police Department's records based on a name, date of birth, and social security number (when applicable), in which criminal charges have been filed. The results are presented to the requester in the form of a notarized letter, which states whether the search had a positive or negative result. A positive letter will list any criminal charges which have been filed by the date, type of offense involved, Eloy report number, and the court assigned. Some agencies refer to this document as a letter of clearance.

A picture ID issued by a government agency is required. If requested via mail, a notarized photocopy of the picture ID is required. If picking up a request for another person, a notarized letter with the picture ID of the requester is required.

EAARS Request Example

Some examples of why an individual would request an EAARS include:

  • Acquiring a Visa
  • Request by an employer
  • Request by an adoption agency
  • Request by the owner of rental property
  • For personal records


There is a $10 charge for this service. Checks should be made out to the Eloy Police Department.

Traffic Collission Reports

The Eloy Police Department has partnered with BuyCrash to provide collision reports online for your convenience and secure access. You must have the case number, the date of the collision, and a valid credit card. To access your report for download please visit the BuyCrash website.

Fatal collisions and DUI collisions are not available at BuyCrash but may be obtained through the Records Department.