The Eloy Business Environment

General Overview

The City of Eloy offers:

  • A quality workforce in place today
  • A secure operating environment
  • A stable, pro-business climate
  • A strong infrastructure assets
  • An outstanding college system to insure that business workforce needs are met tomorrow
  • Attractive operating costs

A Pro-Business Climate

Many talk about being business friendly, but few if any can compare to Eloy's demonstrated and enduring pro-business mentality. We combine a minimalist regulatory approach with consistency and respect to businesses.

In fact, for over 10 consecutive years, Arizona has reduced taxes or passed legislation favorable to business. Recent examples from the 2005 legislative session include property tax reductions and the Sales Factor Bill that allows multistate businesses doing business in Arizona to opt to “super-weight” their sales factor to reduce income tax liability in Arizona, according to the Arizona Department of Commerce website.


Sky Harbor International Airport is located approximately 65 miles northwest of Eloy.

Tucson International Airport is located approximately 75 miles southeast of Eloy. 

Local airports for small planes include:

Attractive Operating Costs 

Eloy continues to offer very low operating costs. Much less than the metropolitan areas, real estate and labor costs continue to be more competitive than other area cities. In addition, Eloy's payroll taxes are among the lowest in the nation.

Hospital / Medical

Sun Life Family Health Center (SLFHC) is the main Eloy medical facility. Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. Other medical professionals, along with 32 additional physicians (specialists) available through the Associated and Allied Health Professions, in Casa Grande include:

  • 4 obstetricians
  • 4 orthodontists
  • 9 optometrists
  • 12 chiropractors
  • 17 dentists
  • 41 physicians

Other Medical Facilities

Other medical facilities include:

Senior Assistance

Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens