Right-of-way Permits

Ordinance No. 7-22-1974 “It shall be unlawful for any company, corporation, firm or person to dig up or cause to be dug up or to tear up or to remove any part of the paving, sidewalk, curb or gutter across or along any street or alley in the city without first obtaining a permit therefore from the city.

The City of Eloy adopted by resolution in August 2005 and revised in July 2008 a master fee schedule. The base fee is fifty dollars ($50.00) plus 4% times the Sealed Engineer’s construction cost estimate. See complete fee break down, which is included in the right of way permit package. At this time permits are being processed Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Processing time is up to five (5) working days.

Permit applicants have the option of emailing the application to PWAdmin@EloyAZ.gov however, please be advised that if your work plan or traffic control plan is not clear, too small, or lacks sufficient ail your application will not be processed.

road construction barricade
All Right of Way Permits issued by the City of Eloy require at a minimum the following prior to issuance:

  1. All Contractors MUST provide proof of Insurance. Certificate of General Liability in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence. Certificate of Insurance must list the City of Eloy as additional insured and holding the City harmless and/or free of liability arising out of proposed work.
  2. The City of Eloy may require additional assurances in a form satisfactory to the City.
  3. Contractors shall provide evidence (example: State Contractor’s License) that he/she is competent and equipped to do the proposed work.
  4. Applicant and/or their Contractor and all Subcontractors must provide evidence (example: City of Eloy Business License) that he is legally allowed to perform work within the City of Eloy.
  6. Itemized Engineer’s Construction Costs Estimate.
  7. Construction Schedule.
  8. Plan of work to be done MUST include: north arrow, nearest street, nearest cross street, trench detail, dimensions of trench, pit, or boring; if work is performed in the shoulder you must include distance to pavement.
  9. Traffic control plan in accordance to part VI of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. In addition, your traffic control plan should include all of the information of the plan of work. (If work is in the shoulder please provide a plan showing the use of “shoulder work ahead” signs.)
  10. The City of Eloy requires complete Soils Testing Reports. Test results must indicate that the backfill and compaction complies with the latest version of MAG standards that the City of Eloy has adopted.
  11. Any vegetation removal shall be re-vegetated with approved plant-list species appropriate to site and surrounding native habitat. Appropriate, in the sense, means that re-vegetation will be done, to the extent practicable, with the same species and density present on undisturbed or nearby sites.
  12. An Archeological Study may be requested by the City of Eloy.
  13. An Environmental Study and clearance by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife shall be required when activities take place within Critical Habitat.
  14. Contractors performing commercial work MUST provide a performance bond in the amount of 110% of the Construction Cost.
  15. In addition, please note that work hours may be restricted on heavy traffic volume areas and roadways may not be closed unless approved by the City of Eloy Public Works Department.
Should you have any questions concerning this communication or items relating to specific permitting details, contact Tammy Valadez Paz at 520-466-3082.

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