Elegance N Images by Tina G.

A special thanks to Elegance N Images by Tina G. for the contribution of her talents and portraits for our website.  

About the Tina G.:

"God given talent doesn’t always reveal itself until one is ready to embrace it." By Tina G

In 2011 my oldest daughter Lorena began playing tackle football on an all boys team. This occasion was definitely worth documenting! I purchased a DLSR camera and captured some spectacular plays during the games. At the end of the season I created a video for all the players to remember these moments. When the next season came around I was asked by many of the player's parents to be their team photographer and to take individual portraits…and so the story began!

Four years later, after hours upon hours of studying and hands on training, I have learned that my passion is in the creation of memories and my reward is in the smiles of the people receiving their portraits.  
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