Operation Eloy Clean-up

10-23-2021 002

1. What does volunteer group do?
The group will clean yards surrounding vacant properties and debris filled empty lots that are an eye sore in the City of Eloy.

2. What will we be cleaning up?
We will be cleaning yards with grass/weeds higher than 12”. We will be removing any trash or debris that is on the property.

3. Why are we doing Operation Eloy clean-up?
Operation Eloy cleanup has been created for homes and lots that have been neglected for some time. We as a group are getting rid of the eye sores and creating a more beautiful Eloy.

4. What resources are being used?
Community Development will be using a code compliance vehicle for tools as well as other vehicles for group transportation from site to site. We will have access to tools through Eloy’s Public Works Department. City Sanitation will pick up our accumulated waste from the properties the following week.

5. What should the volunteers wear and bring with them the day of cleanup?
You should wear yard work attire (a face mask, work gloves, long pants, long shirt and a sun cap/hat). You should bring lots of water and sunscreen.

6. How many volunteers?
Eloy operation clean-up will take anyone who wants to volunteer.

7. How often will we do operation cleanup?
As needed.

8. When is the next Clean-up?
Click here for upcoming Clean-up information.

9. How do you volunteer?
For details, please email Angel Madrid, Code Enforcement Officer, phone: 520-464-3440, for the City of Eloy. 

10. Where will we meet and what time?
The group will meet at Main Street Park , Eloy, AZ 85131 at 7:00 a.m.

Operation Eloy Clean Up-October 23, 2021

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