Water and Sewer Availability

Is your property near a water or sewer main?

If the property is within 400 feet of an existing sewer main and the owner wants to build a house the property owner must connect to the existing sewer main. The property owner must connect to the existing City water system if the parcel is within a platted subdivision or within 100 feet of an existing City water line.

It is the owners responsibility to extend water/sewer mains and services to their property.

Depending on the situation:

  1. The first step is to obtain the services of a registered engineer to prepare off-site water/sewer plans. 
  2. The owner shall obtain the services of a licensed contractor to perform the physical water/sewer connection to the main. The City does not have costs on what a contractor might charge as it would be different for each situation. The contractor will provide a construction cost estimate which is used for permit fees.
  3. The contractor will then submit for a right-of-way permit.
  4. The property owner pays the right-of-way permit fees, development fees, capacity charges and the work can begin.